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Westfield TFX2 Series Grain Augers

(shown with optional intake hopper)
We build performance and value you can trust into every auger. Westfield introduces the new TFX2 series grain auger with all of our farm proven features, but built better than ever! The TFX2 8" and 10" models come in a variety of lengths, and feature many improvements.


•  Improved two-belt drive
•  Rugged A-frame design provides maximum stability
•  Better intake balance and discharge reach
•  New gas tank kit
•  8" models available in 31', 36', 41', 46', and 51' lengths
•  10" models available in 31', 36', and 41' lengths
•  Optional Self-Propelled Mover Kit allows one person to position the largest auger with ease
TFX2 Series Features:
Intake - The auger intake, shielded for operator protection, has a long one-pin quick-remove clevis. Intake flight has new welded Wear Edge’ for long life with special low pitch for proven added capacity. Easily replaced. Greaseable Oilite bearing centers flight reducing vibration and wear.
Top Drive - Sealed, grease lubricated top drive with forged steel sprockets and heavy duty chain for reliable and maintenance free operation. Sprockets and chains are matched to auger capacity. Durable cast aluminum cover.
Upper Driveshaft - Driveshaft bearings of durable oil impregnated hardwood provide long life and smooth, quiet operation. Should replacement ever become necessary, split bearings are available and require no disassembly of the driveshaft. Galvanized driveshaft shields provide critical safety and weather protection, while allowing visual inspection of driveshaft components.
Controls - Single-sided controls allow for improved accessibility and ease of use.
Pump and Oil Reservoir - High capacity hydraulic pump and frame mounted oil reservoir.
Frame Wheels - Narrow dolly frame wheels allow excellent maneuverability and raise completely for transport. These wheels easily fit between hopper bottom bin uprights for uploading convenience.
Electric Clutch with Remote Controls - Allows operator to start and stop the auger without shutting down gas engine drives. Quick installation and controls at intake and discharge end of auger. Fill truck boxes to optimal levels and provide another level of safety shutdown during operation.
Hydraulic Winch Lift Kit - Raise and lower auger from the convenience of your tractor seat. High capacity winch with automatic brake. Standard with all Self Propelled Auger Mover Kits, optional for all TF models and sizes.
Drive Options - The TFX offers maximum versatility with quick installation of drive options. Order the drive style that fits your application with the ability to change as your operation demands.
Rugged A-Frame - Streamlined A-frame design provides proven stability at the bin and during transport. Wide axles with cast iron hubs and tapered roller bearings are standard.

(shown with optional intake hopper)
Extended Reach - A major redesign of the undercarriage allows up 40% longer reach at the intake end of the auger for better access to bins, while maintaining proper balance.
TFX2Hopper - Optional intake hopper makes it easier to upload bins and fill trucks without using a poly hopper. Also features self levelling and detachable hitch.
*Note: Shipped complete with motor mount, double belt and pulley, standard outlet spout, tow hitch, safety shields and winch, Mounted Tires, LESS engine, engine pulley. Recommended pulley size: 4.2" for gas engines, 6.5" - 7" for 1750 RPM electric motors.
8" TFX2 Grain Augers
WFTFX831MD TFX2 8" x 31' auger 1,016 lbs. $132.08 $4,240
WFTFX836MD TFX2 8" x 36' auger 1,058 lbs. $137.54 $4,764
WFTFX841MD TFX2 8" x 41' auger 1,217 lbs. $158.21 $5,218
WFTFX846MD TFX2 8" x 46' auger 1,311 lbs. $170.43 $5,654
WFTFX851MD TFX2 8" x 51' auger 1,396 lbs. $181.48 $5,961
10" TFX2 Grain Augers
WFTFX1031MD TFX2 10" x 31' auger 1,152 lbs. $149.76 $5,197
WFTFX1036MD TFX2 10" x 36' auger 1,249 lbs. $162.37 $5,575
WFTFX1041MD TFX2 10" x 41' auger 1,384 lbs. $179.92 $6,153
WFTFX1051MD TFX2 10" x 51' auger lbs. $220.35 $7,603
TFX2 Options
WFA243 TFX2 Gas Tank Kit w/mount and hose 19 lbs. $2.47 $132
WFA244 Battery Holder 5 lbs.   $47
WFA245 TFX Only PTO Kit 125 lbs. $16.25 $601
TFX2 1051 Options
WFA273 TFX2 1051 Gas Tank Kit 19 lbs. $2.47 $132
WFA272 TFX2 1051 Battery Holder 5 lbs.   $47
WFA274 TFX2 1051 PTO Kit 125 lbs. $16.25 $601
WFA275 TFX2 1051 EMD Kit 30 lbs. $31.20 $262
WFA261 TFX2 1051 Electric Clutch Kit 1-1/8" Triple Grove 36 lbs. $259 $2,178
WFA268 4.2" x 1-1/8" Bore, Triple Groove Engine Pulley, cast iron 5 lbs.   $61
Westfield Cast Pulleys
WFA110 4.2 x 1 B DG $47
WFA122 4.2 x 1-1/8 B DG $47
WFA150 4.2 x 1-7/16 B DG $50
PU401716D 4 x 1-7/16 B DG $44
PU64118D 6.4 x 1-1/8 B DG $48.60
PU64138D 6.4 x 1-3/8 B DG $48.60
Take the work out of positioning auger up to the bin. The new TFX2 Self Propelled Auger Mover Kit allows one person to move the largest auger with ease. Installs on TFX2 augers with no modification necessary. Features a central control panel to raise and lower, and drive auger. Discharge and intake ends of auger can be raised and lowered independently. Hydraulic drive on each axle provides maximum traction in mud and snow.

Shipped complete with: * mover undercarriage and dolly wheels * hydraulic reservoir and pump * drive motors and wheel ring gears *hydraulic lift winch * controls and hydraulic hoses
TFX2 Self Propelled Auger Mover Kits
WFSP831 Fits TFX2831 260 lbs. $33.80 $5,784
WFSP836 Fits TFX2836 484 lbs. $62.92 $5,887
WFSP841 Fits TFX2841 466 lbs. $60.58 $6,058
WFSP846 Fits TFX2846 484 lbs. $62.92 $6,193
WFSP851 Fits TFX2851 515 lbs. $66.95 $6,322
WFSP1031 Fits TFX21031 260 lbs. $33.80 $5,784
WFSP1036 Fits TFX21036 442 lbs. $57.46 $5,887
WFSP1041 Fits TFX21041 478 lbs. $62.14 $6,063
WFSP1051 Fits TFX21051 lbs. $71.24 $6,730
TF Auger and Mover Kit Bundles
Offer substantial savings by ordering a TF auger with a Self Propelled Mover and MD Drive Kit
Bundle TF 831 + SP 831 Bundle 1,276 lbs. $165.88 $7,518
Bundle TF 836 + SP 836 Bundle 1,542 lbs. $200.46 $7,989
Bundle TF 841 + SP 841 Bundle 1,683 lbs. $218.79 $8,457
Bundle TF 846 + SP 846 Bundle 1,795 lbs. $233.35 $8,886
Bundle TF 851 + SP 851 Bundle 1,911 lbs. $248.43 $9,212
Bundle TF 1031 + SP 1031 Bundle 1,412 lbs. $183.56 $8,236
Bundle TF 1036 + SP 1036 Bundle 1,691 lbs. $219.83 $8,598
Bundle TF 1041 + SP 1041 Bundle 1,862 lbs. $242.06 $9,162
Bundle TF 1051 + SP 1051 Bundle lbs. $291.59 $10,750
Electric Clutch Kit - Allows operator to start and stop auger flighting without shutting down gas engine drives. Ships complete with electric clutch assembly, two toggle switches, wiring
WFA224 Electric Clutch Kit 1 1/8" Shaft Size 19 lbs. $2.47 $1,061
WFA225 Electric Clutch Kit 1" Shaft Size 19 lbs. $2.47 $1,061
WFA261 Electric Clutch Kit 1-1/8" Triple Grove 36 lbs. $4.68 $2,178
Hydraulic Winch Kit - High capacity winch with automatic brake. Ships complete with winch and mount control valve LESS hoses and fittings.
WFA197 Hydraulic Winch Kit 60 lbs. $7.80 $1,204
WFX106 Manual Winch Credit - On purchase of a new TF auger ordered with a Hydraulic Winch Kit, the following credit applies if the manual winch supplied is returned to us in NEW condition. Credit   $139
UPDATED 1/24/2017

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