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Shaver StumpBusters
Tractor-Mounted StumpBusters
Grind through even the toughest stumps with ease with Shaver's powerful lineup of PTO-powered, tractor-mounted StumpBusters. Shaver offers two tractor powered units: the compact SC-25 with lower tractor horsepower and the powerful, industrial-grade SC-50. You can match your machine to your needs.

SC-25 StumpBuster
The SC-25 is built for lower horsepower tractors. The unit can easily whittle away stumps up to 24-inches high. With a 55 degree cutting arc, the SC-25's 24-inch-diameter cutting wheel can grind down a 45-inch-diameter stump into a 10-inch hole in minutes. Repositioning the unit for another pass lets you take on even larger diameter stumps.

SC-50 StumpBuster
The SC-50 is built for industrial-strength cutting. Mount it to the three-point hitch of any 35-100 hp tractor, and the unit's 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel makes quick work of stumps, grinding them down 12 inches below ground. The SC-50 features a single-direction cutting design that reduces wear on bearing and the gearbox, giving you a payback on your investment that will last for years.
Skid Steer-Mounted StumpBusters
Shaver's hydraulically powered StumpBuster is the choice for large contractors, landscapers and maintenance departments. Mounted on a skid steer loader, these units are easy to maneuver into compact areas that are impossible to reach with other types of machines. They feature the ideal combination of maneuverability, power, durability and simplicity.

The SC-25-H's wheel features carbide steel teeth that aggressively grind stumps down to 10 inches below ground. The unit features a 24-inch cutting wheel that rotates at a speed of 980 rpm. The SC-25-H is simply the most compact, powerful and nimble unit on the market.

The robust and compact design make it an ideal unit for any job. A 24" cutting wheel that rotates at a speed of 1200 rpm at 25 gpm.

For professional-grade power and performance on a skid steer, the SC-50-H is the best choice. With a larger 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel, the unit can grind through larger stumps in minutes. The SC-50-H is the choice for many maintenance departments, golf courses, municipals and landscape contractors.
 •  Lift and swing cylinders are hydraulically controlled from the tractor seat, so all of the cutting controls can be performed from the safety of the tractor seat
 •  Guard assembly and debris shield: Chips and debris shoot away from the tractor and into a heavy, reinforced rubber shield. This also makes cleanup easier when you are done.
 •  A Cat. I and II three-point arch support gives added stability during operation
 •  A slip clutch located under the shield protects shear bolts and shafts from abnormally severe shock loads.
 •  A convenient parking stand supports the cutter when the unit is not in use, eliminating strain on hinges.
 •  With skid steer loader maneuverability, stumps can no longer hide next to buildings, storage sheds, fence rows, hillsides or sidewalks. The hydraulic StumpBuster is ideal for landscaping contractors and builders looking to remove one or even dozens of stumps.
 •  The hydraulically powered cutter eliminates any type of stump, tall or short, hardwood or soft, up to 45 inches in diameter, without the need to reposition the unit. And, because it's mounted on a skid steer loader, the user has improved front-end visibility to quickly maneuver around even the biggest stumps (up to 2' high) or clean up a whole grove in no time.
The StumpBuster's hydraulic motor powers the 3/4-inch-thick steel cutting wheel, easily turning the hardest wood into fine mulch. The combination of a large cutting wheel and high hub torque cut a full 55 degree swath below ground in less than two minutes.
Carbide steel teeth aggressively chew through any size stump with little wear. The unit's cutting wheel is made of a 3/4-inch-thick steel plate for long life. Single-direction cutting puts less stress on the cylinder, bearings and gear box. Heavy-duty bearings also ride in an oil bath, virtually eliminating friction wear.

See the Tractor Mount StumpBuster In Action

See the Skidsteer Mount StumpBuster In Action
SHSC-25 Mini-Stumpbuster, 3-Pt. Mount (C/W lift & swing cylinders & hoses less 2 quick couplers)
15-35 832 lbs. $6,100
SHSC-25-H Mini-Stumpbuster, Skid Loader Mount (with hoses less 2 quick couplers), skid loader must have 15-25 gpm, standard universal bracket only, (MBS-77-10 or MBS-80-11),includes pallet
(Not to be operated on Bobcat Skid Loaders)
15-25 GPM 834 lbs. $7,700
SHSC-30H Stumpbuster - Skid Loader Mount, inlcudes pallet 16-30 GPM 650 lbs. $4,700
SHSC-50 Stumpbuster, 3-Pt. Mount (C/W lift & swing cylinders & hoses less 2 quick couplers)
35-100 1,181 lbs. $7,000
SHSC-50-H Stumpbuster, Skid Mount (With hoses less 2 quick couplers), skid loader must have 25-40 gpm, standard universal bracket only, (MBS-77-10 or MBS-80-11), includes pallet 25-40 GPM High-Flow 1,243 lbs. $8,700
SHSC-2550 2 Spool Valve Kit, 2 spool monoblock valve is required, For use with small tractors that come equipped w/one set of hyd. instead of std. 2 sets   19 lbs. $468
SHSC-2550-DG Depth Guage Option {3pt. Units only}
Included on new units
  8 lbs. $60
UPDATED 10/10/2017

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