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Degelman Manure Spreaders

Degelman Touch - How do you build the best manure spreader in the world? Start with Degelman, renowned for building legendary equipment for the past 50 years. The design is unmistakably Degelman. After five years of design, development, and intensive testing, Degelman introduces the most rugged spreaders available - the Degelman M Series.

From the ground up, these machines have been designed with rocks in mind, from its proprietary retractable free-swing flails, super duty gearbox, smooth side-walls and heavy-duty frame to its clean gate opening.

Rock Bypass System
Up until now, all spreaders in the world employ beaters made from some variation of a helical or auger shape. This inherently rigid design is always vulnerable to rock damage and high maintenance costs.
The Degelman ROCK BYPASS SYSTEM (RBS), the heart of the M series is nothing short of revolutionary. Five rows of free-swing flails, not only collapse upon stone impact, but will exceed expectations for throw distance, durability, and even distribution pattern.
Degelman manure spreaders cut and tear material, drop heavier crumbled material to the next lower set of paddles for final processing and discharges material over 60 feet.
Superior Distribution Pattern
Distribution and throw distance is unrivalled with Degelman. Fine pulverized materials is spread over 60 feet with secondary field passes normally not required. Hydraulic Push Off systems, however, compress manure as it is unloaded. This compression rate changes as less material is available for offloading resulting in inconsistent field distribution patterns.

Commercial operators have long known that a good chain floor drag system will spread material more evenly and is more reliable. These machines pull the material to the beaters with dual 3/4" pre-stretched 100,000+ lb breaking strength marine grade drag chain and the Degelman RBS takes care of the rest.
Replaceable Paddles
The paddle cores start with a 1/2" heavy wall mechanical ten inch tube. Impeller paddles are simple and straightforward, produced from 1" Abrasion Resistant 400 material - about eight times more durable than regular mild steel. The paddles are interchangeable, reversible and can be easily replaced by removing a single over sized 1-3/4" stress proof pin - without cutting or welding.
Forged Tip
USM scientifically developed forged tips are especially compounded from the best wear resistant steel and then heat treated to our specifications. Long wearing tungsten carbide infused hard faced welds are then applied by machine for a uniform placement to specific areas.
Hammered Paddle Technology
The best just got better, hammerhead paddles, exclusive only to M Series Degelman spreaders, will again change your thinking of spread distance and uniformity. Hammerhead paddles are state-of-the-art especially for wet, sticky, and clay-mix manures. The hammerhead shape covers the discharge opening equalizing the load amongst the paddles and its weighted corrugated teeth shred and distribute material without a centre buildup. Spread pattern is truly unrivalled. Hammerhead paddles still swing back for severe obstructions with the Rock Bypass System and Flat or Hammerhead paddles can still be changed by simply pulling a pin.
World's Most Rugged Gearbox
The gearboxes that support the beaters are the largest commercial boxes available. From the inside out, these boxes are overbuilt. The nearly three inch diameter heat-treated spline shafts are massive. Oil bathed heat-treated gear sets and roller bearings are in some cases twice the size of anything out there. These boxes are designed for years of maintenance free commercial use. The input drivelines also include runaway clutches for further rock protection.

Low Maintenance
From the ground up, M Series were designed with superior components, easy access and minimal maintenance: replaceable impeller paddles, 4" x 12" HSST frame, super-duty gearboxes, oversized marine-grade chains, 1" AR400 paddles, self lubricating bearings, large oversized idler, door access, external idler/drive grease points, high tensile bushings, nylon sandwiched walking wheels and easy to replace 2" x 4" floor slats.

Materials Trailer
The entire drive and beater assembly can be quickly lifted off the machine in minutes to clear any severe blockages and will quickly convert your spreader into a versatile wagon with an active drive floor ideal for transporting other commodities such as dirt and silage.

Great Visibility
The front wall, front drive and dosage gate are designed for outstanding visibility from the tractor cab. The front drive is also open for easy viewing and accessible with a single large easy access door for maintenance.

Hollow Rubber Spring Frame Suspension
Degelman manure spreaders were designed to handle heavy manure with a two fold suspension system to reduce vibration and shock loading to the tractor drawbar and to the machine itself. The first system incorporates low maintenance convolution hollow rubber springs suspended and under slung the A-frame to better distribute loads and to de-amplify shock. Initial take-up is very smooth and the spring rate increase is progressive, resulting in a greatly improved ride, improved load handling and greater load stability.

Walking Beam Suspension
Secondly, Degelman manure spreaders incorporate a straight forward and time tested walking beam floating suspension system. Tandem walking wheels cut uneven terrain in half with a massive unrestricted range of motion. All four wheels are always in contact with the ground surface. Coupled with a wide stance, these machines will ride over the roughest terrain with ease and control.
UPDATED 7/1/2018
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