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Degelman Rock Picker - Model R570P
Prong Picker R570P
The R570P Prong Rock Picker has tremendous strength for a small machine. This fork-type rock picker is ideal for picking anything from a two pound stone to a 3000 pound boulder.
Exceptional Quality
These proven rugged machines are ideal for land clearing and reclamation applications.
Used for years by professional landscapers, contractors and farmers, the Degelman Prong Rock Picker and Digger are designed to clear big stones, boulders and for selective rock picking.
The prong is equipped with a 1-1/2 cubic yard capacity hopper.
Degelman Rock Picker - Model 7200 Signature
The Industry Standard
The Degelman Signature series rock pickers are the result of over 50 years of pursuing excellence Degelman rock pickers are unrivalled for performance and durability and are THE industry standard. Our attention to details means these machines will work flawlessly for years to come, as you will commonly find Degelman rock pickers made 50 years ago still working today.
Long Swing Pole
The hitch pole, considerable longer than typical rock pickers, is allowed to pivot, providing a large working envelope, superb visibility for picking rocks and the ability to tuck the picker behind the tractor for narrow transport. By simply pulling a pin, the machine is readied for field or transport. For more demanding operators, a hydraulic option is available and recommended for overall ease of use and extremely handy to precisely back up to rock piles.
Superior Rock & Soil Separation
Degelman rock pickers are designed to pick stones quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of soil collection. The geometry between the reel and grill is designed so that the paddle makes the first contact, lifts and spins the stone onto the grill further separating the rock from the soil.

The unique interlaced grill and paddle teeth drop dirt easily onto the field. Even the hopper box makes use of grated spring bar strapping to keep rocks in and dirt out.
Large Stone Capacity
With a massive 28 inches of clearance between the paddle assembly and the grill, large stones are easily picked. These machines are designed to provide relentless heavy stone work day in and day out.
Heavy Reel
The oversized reel plates are heavy and designed to withstand abuse. The reel side plates are laminated and incorporate formed edges that dramatically increase the reel's strength and providing a natural deflective surface. Through years of exhaustive research, development and testing, we have found that the soft steel of our cotter pins outlast all other forms of fasteners. Small details can make a big difference.
Advanced Reel Spring Design
The reel spring assembly moves constantly under heavy loads and is designed to arc back under pressure and release. The spring is a heavy-duty compression design exclusive to Degelman, that has taken years to perfect. It works better and lasts longer than typical extension springs. Paired with this is a urethane puck that dampens vibration and minimizes backlash as the reel paddle decompresses. Finally, a simple bend integrated into the spring holder plate greatly increases the strength of the spring holder.
Superior Paddle Teeth
The paddel design starts with an over-sized, heavy wall tube. The teeth themselves overlap the paddle tubes to protect the tubes from damage. This small detail increases the tube strength, creates a more robust point of rock contact, prevents tube damage through bowing and reduces dents. This is but another example of the Degelman difference - no detail is overlooked. Degelman Industries makes use of cutting edge production technology like robotically welded paddle teeth. Perfect welds every time. Additionally, the teeth are fully hard surfaced by robots - a technique commonly employed in industrial applications that provides three times more wear resistance.
Hensley Excavator Tips
From loose dirt and crushed concrete, to the most abrasive mining applications, Hensley is world renowned for high quality steel backhoe teeth. This technology is incorporated into Degelman rock pickers. These cast steel grill tips, provide the ultimate protection against high impact and high abrasion. The solid grill shafts are precisely milled to accept these teeth and the tips are easily replaced by removing a simple roll pin.
UPDATED 7/1/2018


Degelman Rock Digger - Model RD320
Exceptional Quality
Used for years by professional landscapers, contractors and farmers, the Degelman Prong Rock Picker and Digger are designed to clear big stones, boulders and for selective rock picking.
Hard Surfaced Digging Teeth
These hard surfaced digging teeth are two inches thick. This means the teeth won't bend, won't break, and will last a lifetime. The teeth are angled to allow for easy gliding into the soil while the hydraulics are in float position.
Rock Digger RD320
The Degelman RD320 is a trouble-free and versatile machine. Besides digging out submerged rocks, it can grab, lift, and transport boulders. The RD320 includes these rugged features:
Extra Long Teeth
Four extra long teeth allow the RD320 to dig down to 32 inches. The benefits of having four teeth are to provide extra grip, better control and handling, and less chance of the rock skidding or falling out. They also provide a more secure hold on the rock when transporting it.
Serrated Grabbing Teeth
These serrated grabbing teeth allow for better gripping of the rocks.
Powerful Cylinders
We've provided a powerful 5" x 24" hydraulic cylinder for digging and lifting. The cradle arms have an independent 3" x 16" hydraulic cylinder for grabbing which holds the rock in transport. This means large horsepower tractors are unnecessary as the RD320 has ample hydraulic strength for digging.
UPDATED 7/1/2018


Degelman Rock Rake - Model RR1500
Exceptional Quality
Used across the globe for over 35 years, the RR1500 has earned a reputation for fast, efficient windrowing in rock-strewn land. Augmented with real-world testing and customer feedback, the original, patented design delivers exceptional quality in a low-maintenance package. Built with durability in mind, robust components like the chain-driven drum and long-lasting bearings raise the bar for performance-driven rock management. The 14' wide spiral drum rakes a large swatch of rocks from the field with each pass, yet the entire machine folds into a 7-1/2' narrow transport width with 10" of ground clearance - ideal for navigating narrow bridges and gates.
High-Quality Cast Bearings
Cast housings hold greasable NTN bearings manufactured with precise tolerances and load ratings higher than the industry standard. Mounted to an oversized shaft, these bearings guarantee smooth operation of the drum even after repeated impact with large rocks in the field.
Heavy Shielding
Two-ply rubber belting shields are used to protect driveline components as well as ensure rocks remain neatly contained within the windrow. Custom steel guards protect the gearbox and drum bearings from damage caused by pitched rocks and buried obstructions.
Windrowing Rock
Moving randomly distributed rocks into windrows allows for convenient picking. Capable of forming single or double-windrows, the RR1500 means less passes through the field when removing rocks
Rock-Solid Drivelines
PTO units are equipped with heavy-duty Weasler Engineering 35-series Extended Lube Needle Bearing drivelines. Featuring telescoping shafts for effortless coupling, splined gearbox inputs, and a 9000 in-lb dry clutch, PTO rock rakes deliver uncompromising power for serious rock removal.

A 900-series Prairie Gear right-angle gearbox completes the PTO-drive system. A solid iron-alloy case houses robust components including tapered roller bearings, high-strength alloy shafts, and oversized Coniflex bevel gears.
Chain Drive w/ Oil Bath
Experienced operators know that a slack chain under load is prone to failure. The RR1500 incorporates a custom threaded tension system for precise adjustment. With a zero-backlash drive chain, stopping to replace a broken chain is no longer a concern. Power is transferred to the field via the tough #100 roller chain system with a safe working load of over 5000 lbs. A weather-sealed chain drive enclosure makes certain that the roller chain and sprockets are protected from damage, while remaining free from abrasive dirt and rust-causing moisture. To keep it all running smoothly, the chain is supplied with constant lubrication from a continuous oil bath system.
Automated Ground Contouring
A three-spring suspension system stabilizes the rock rake drum over variable terrain. This completely isolates the frame and driveline components from shock loading encountered when striking buried rocks and other obstructions. Drum height and spring contact pressure are hydraulically controlled and can be adjusted during raking operation to compensate for different situations in the field.

The tension springs are made of 12 gauge wire capable of absorbing 220 pounds per inch of deflection. Ample spring travel allows the RR1500 to keep moving over large obstacles in the field.

Adapt to changing conditions using the standard hydraulically-operated drum angle adjustment. Through a range of 10 to 30 degrees, the drum angle can be tuned for different tasks - from aggressive raking to more complete soil engagement for levelling.

Offset the wheel height on each side of the rake to change the contact angle between the drum and the ground - known as feathering the drum - which is essential for breaking up clumps of soil and ensuring dirt-free windrows. Achieve a perfect offset using the bolted wheel brackets for problem-free adjustment.
UPDATED 7/1/2018

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