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Kasco Drag Bar Harrows
Here is a drag bar harrow that’ s specially engineered to mount on disks, field cultivators and chisel plows. The Red Dragon does the same efficient job as the heavier model for plows… with the heavy crossbar crushing the bigger clods and leveling the soil while the tooth bars mix and mulch. This rugged agricultural tool weighs less per foot because Kasco has designed it with spring loaded mountings, which create added pressure to helps the tooth bars do a superior job of pulverizing the soil.

Every mounting arm on the Kasco drag bar harrows is loaded with a heavy duty spring which puts constant pressure on the drag bar, helping it to smash and crush clods. The rugged steel spikes are bolted to the channel bar at an angle, for maximum pulverizing and mixing action. The dirt flows overs these spikes, churning and mulching the soil. This will ensure that the soil retains moisture, promoting germination of your seed. A strong chain connects the spring to the drag bar, enabling the operator to increase or decrease pressure on the soil by simply adjusting the links.
•  Spring loaded mounting arms put stead pressure on drag bar to smash clods and level soil
•  Dirt flows over the slanted spikes, churning, mulching, pulverizing the soil
•  Built of tough steel, professionally welded, with heavy bolts to give you a longer-life tillage tool
•  Compact the soil to help retain moisture, to promote germination of your seed
Additional brackets for specific applications are available, call for details
"Red Dragon" Single Bar Harrows
KAK-403-Y TOOTH BAR - 3' 26 lbs. $85
KAK-404-Y TOOTH BAR - 4' 34 lbs. $100
KAK-405-Y TOOTH BAR - 5' 42 lbs. $115
KAK-406-Y TOOTH BAR - 6' 50 lbs. $135
KAK-407-Y TOOTH BAR - 7' 58 lbs. $150
KAK-408-Y TOOTH BAR - 8' 66 lbs. $165
KAK-409-Y TOOTH BAR - 9' 74 lbs. $175
KAK-410-Y TOOTH BAR - 10' 82 lbs. $195
KAK-411-Y TOOTH BAR - 11' 90 lbs. $205
KARDK-1011-S Universal Bracket for Most Disks, From 2x2 to 6x6 Square or Rectangular Frame 60 lbs. $275/EA
KARDK-60 Universal Bracket for Most Field Cultivators, From 2x2 to 6x6 Square or Rectangular Frame 45 lbs. $210/EA
KARDK-60-B Universal Bracket for Most Chisel Plows, From 2x2 to 6x6 Square or Rectangular Frame 60 lbs. $250/EA
"Double Dragon" Two Bar Harrows
KAK-403-L TOOTH BAR - 3', LH 26 lbs. $85
KAK-403-R TOOTH BAR - 3', RH 26 lbs. $85
KAK-404-L TOOTH BAR - 4', LH 34 lbs. $100
KAK-404-R TOOTH BAR - 4' RH 34 lbs. $100
KAK-405-L TOOTH BAR - 5', LH 42 lbs. $115
KAK-405-R TOOTH BAR - 5', RH 42 lbs. $115
KAK-406-L TOOTH BAR - 6', LH 50 lbs. $135
KAK-406-R TOOTH BAR - 6', RH 50 lbs. $135
KAK-407-L TOOTH BAR - 7', LH 58 lbs. $150
KAK-407-R TOOTH BAR - 7', RH 58 lbs. $150
KAK-408-L TOOTH BAR - 8', LH 66 lbs. $165
KAK-408-R TOOTH BAR - 8', RH 66 lbs. $165
KAK-409-L TOOTH BAR - 9', LH 74 lbs. $175
KAK-409-R TOOTH BAR - 9', RH 74 lbs. $175
KAK-410-L TOOTH BAR - 10', LH 82 lbs. $195
KAK-410-R TOOTH BAR - 10', RH 82 lbs. $195
KAK-411-L TOOTH BAR - 11', LH 90 lbs. $205
KAK-411-R TOOTH BAR - 11', RH 90 lbs. $25
KADD-1011-S Universal Brackets for Most Disks, From 2x2 to 6x6 Square or Rectangular Frame 70 lbs. $360/EA
KADD-14 Universal Brackets for most Field Cultivators, From 2x2 to 6x6 Square or Rectangular Frame 65 lbs. $355/EA
UPDATED 1/1/2020
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