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Meyer Home Plow
Designed for individuals who are Plow-It-Yourself homeowners, the Home Plow is the perfect solution. Meyer Products developed a simpler, more convenient product that removes snow quicker and easier than any other method. It can clear a large driveway in under 10 minutes, while controlling all plow functions from the comfort and warmth of the cab. The Home Plow Quick-Link system attaches to the front of the vehicle in about 90 seconds using a 2" receiver mount.
The Home Plow's patented Auto-Angling feature moves snow left or right automatically so you don't have to leave the comfort of your vehicle. Auto-Angling let you keep both hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the drive by sensing which side of the plow is gathering the most snow, and angling the blade in that direction for maximum plowing efficiency. Or, if you prefer, you can lock the plow in the direction you want.
Quick, Easy Mounting
The Home Plow mounts quickly to the front of the vehicle utilizing a 2" receiver mount.
The Home Plow connects with a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch. Once the hitch is installed, the plow can be attached, and detached in about 30 seconds with no tools. So you can get your driveway done and get on your way, right away. When the plow is detached, there is no visible hitch hardware on your vehicle.
Width 6 Feet 8 Inches 7 Feet 6 Inches
Height 22 Inches 22 Inches
Steel 14 Gauge 14 Gauge
Weight 379 Lbs. 464 Lbs.
The Home Plow fits a wide variety of utility vehicles
Most 4x4 utility vehicle OEMs offer a 2" front mount as an accessory.
In-Cab Controller
Featured Power-Angling Model: In-cab controller angles the plow left/right and up/down with the touch of a button.
MEY24000 Home Plow 6'8" Electric linear actuator lift, Auto-Angling
*Note: Must Have Front Mount Kit*
379 lbs. $2,362
MEY25000 Home Plow 6'8" Auto-Angling
*Note: Must Have Front Mount Kit*
392 lbs. $2,856/b>
MEY26000 Home Plow 6'8" Power-Angling
*Note: Must Have Front Mount Kit*
433 lbs. $3,515
MEY26500 Home Plow 7'6" Power-Angling
*Note: Must Have Front Mount Kit*
469 lbs. $3,680
Front Mount Kit
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Click Here for Part # From Utility Vehicle Homeplow Selection Guide
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Home Plow Accessories
MEA08267 HP 6'8" Poly Deflector Kit 12 lbs. $165
MEA08278 HP 6'8" Steel Cutting Edge Kit 23 lbs. $127
MEA08265 HP 6'8" Rubber Cutting Edge Kit 25 lbs. $291
MEA08266 HP 6'8" Urethane Cutting Edge Kit 28 lbs. $380
MEA08326 HP 7'6" Poly Deflector Kit 5 lbs. $177
MEA08322 HP 7'6" Steel Cutting Edge Kit 34 lbs. $165
MEA08323 HP 7'6" Rubber Cutting Edge Kit 5 lbs. $380
MEA08324 HP 7'6" Urethane Cutting Edge Kit 5 lbs. $405
MEA22768 HomePlow Storage Cover 5 lbs. $127
ME09917 "Kit" Plow Markers (2) 3 lbs. $26.25
MEA07695C Hitch Mount Lock 3" 3 lbs. $34
MEA08271 Kit: Shoe Set (2) Home Plow 14 lbs. $253
MEA13300 Caster Assy Pivot Home Plow 2 lbs. $27
MEA13301 Caster Assy A Frame Home Plow 2 lbs. $27
MEA22826 Controller Home Plow Auto 1 lbs. $80
MEA22827 Controller Home Plow Power 1 lbs. $199
UPDATED 10/10/2018

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