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•  BL-125 ATV Broadcast
•  240/400/750 Broadcast
•  Mate XL Broadcast
•  Blaster Broadcast
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Meyer BL-125 Spreader
Turn Your ATV Into A Winter Work Horse
Introducing the Meyer Base Line-125 spreader; itís the perfect choice for those who want an economical, yet full-functioning, spreader for the back of their ATV vehicle. The BL-125ís low profile allows salt, calcium chloride, fertilizer and seed to disperse closer to the ground allowing better control of material output. Pair the BL-125 Spreader with a Meyer Path Pro plow on your ATV and you have the perfect snow removal work horse.
Designed With Winter In Mind
At the heart of the BL-125 tailgate spreader is an elevated heavy-duty electric motor built to withstand the harshest winter conditions. A fitted rubber cover seals the motor protecting it and the drive system from the elements ensuring reliable performance.

A poly weather cap keeps precipitation and moisture out for clump-free spreading. The BL-125 frame features corrosion resistant gloss black powder paint for years of reliable use.
Salt Shield Directs Material Exactly Where You Need It
The adjustable salt shield allows the salt to be directed directly onto the area you want to treat. The shield adjusts up or down depending on the salt output you require. Move the shield up for wide-spread material output needed in parking lots, or place the shield down for a narrow spread pattern needed on walk-ways and sidewalks, see below:
An ATV Spreader That Attaches/Detaches in Seconds
Weighing only 30 pounds, the Meyer Base Line 125 ATV Spreader arrives assembled in a box, so installation is quick and easy. The universal rear-rack mounting system allows you to attach the BL-125 spreader to the back of your ATV quickly and easily. Two poles conveniently insert into the mounting brackets and attaches with pins.

Controlling the BL-125 is done from the comfort of the operatorís seat using an on/off switch with flow control. Operating the BL-125 couldnít be easier. And removing the spreader is just as easy, see below.
MEY31125 Meyer BL-125 Salt Spreader 45 lbs. $962
MEA13417 Carrier Rack Mounting Bracket Kit 20 lbs. $130
UPDATED 10/11/2018


Meyer BL-240/400/750 Broadcast Spreaders
The Perfect Spreader for Small to Medium-Scale Jobs

Base Line tailgate models are easy-to-use and perform well for small- and medium-scale jobs. The BL-240 is available in a 3.7-cubic-foot capacity, the BL-400 is available in a 6.3-cubic-foot capacity, and the all-new BL-750 is available in a 10.5-cubic-foot capacity. An integrated motor guard protects the 1/6 HP electric motor, and it also serves as a storage stand for the spreader during off-season.
Durable Construction

All Meyer BL-240/400/750 spreaders are manufactured under Meyer's stringent quality standards. These spreaders are fully assembled, tested, operated and packaged right off the assembly line to ensure product quality.

The hoppers are made of rust-proof, high-density polyurethane to stand up to the toughest wear and tear, and the hopper frames are powder coated with automotive style paint. We know no one's perfect, not even you. So in the event you back into something, the motor is protected by an integrated motor guard made of tubular steel
Quick Facts:
 • Type: Tailgate Receiver
 • Vehicle: Light Trucks, SUV's, Tractors, Utility Vehicles
 • Length: N/A
 • Capacity: 240 Lbs.(3.7 Cubic Feet)/400 Lbs.(6.3 Cubic Feed)/750 Lbs.(10.7 Cubic Feet)
 • Spread Width: 25 feet
 • Materials: Bagged Rock Salt
 • Construction: Polyurethane hopper, carbon steel frame
 • Motor: 1/8 h.p. Electric

Direct-Drive Motor (Standard)

The BL-240/400's direct-drive system links the 1/8 h.p. motor directly to the auger, creating up to 75% more auger power than non-direct drive set-ups. The motor provides superior clump-busting performance, and its marine-style electrical plug keeps the water out to ensure consistent electrical flow from the vehicle's battery.
In-Cab Controller (Standard)

With the touch of a button, the highly intuitive and reliable variable speed (fast, slow and vibrate) touch-pad controller is easy to use and delivers a precise spread-pattern of up to 25 feet. To adjust the spinner from 0 - 9, simply press the "faster" button and the updated speed will illuminate on the face of the control pad.
Coarse Material Brush Auger Kit (Standard)

Patented No-Leak Auger Kit (Course Material) This brush auger kit prevents course material like free-flowing #2 rock salt from leaking through the throat of the spreader. It also provides a uniform salt distribution pattern
Fine Material Brush Auger Kit (Optional)

Patented No-Leak Auger Kit (Fine Material) This brush auger kit prevents fine free-flowing material like fine salt from leaking through the throat of the spreader. It also provides a uniform salt distribution pattern.
Flow Gate Control (Optional)

The Meyer Flow Gate control system allows the end-user to set the material flow rate based on the material being used. The unit is made of 100% aluminum and will not rust, is lightweight, and extremely easy to install. The unit clamps to the throat of the spreader. Simply clamp the flow gate unit onto the discharge throat of the unit, tighten the clamping screws, and the flow gate teeth bite into the discharge throat securing the control to the spreader. Salt is very expensive, and the flow gate control maximizes material discharge eliminating waste.
Spreader Controller (Optional)

The Meyer Spreader Controller (patent-pending) is the most reliable and convenient controller on the market. This lightweight and compact unit comes standard with many easy-to-use, performance-enhancing features such as:

Auto Spinner Stop Mode - If selected, when the brake is depressed for five seconds, the spinner automatically stops, thus saving your precious salt.

Auto Vibrate Mode - If selected, the vibrator will automatically activate for 10 seconds every 60 seconds; this keeps the material agitated and ready for application.

The unit also boasts convenient features such as back-lit controls for visual clarity at night, and a variable-speed dial that easily controls spinner speed. When it comes to serviceability, this controller is two steps ahead of the competition. The Controller also monitors the motor performance, if the controller senses that the motor is not operating it automatically shuts down the system allowing the operator to inspect the system. In anticipation of unwanted amp surges, the unit comes standard with easy-to-replace automotive-type fuses. The Meyer Controller requires minimal installation and comes with all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.
MEY31100 Meyer 240 Spreader, 240 lbs. capacity, standard 2" receiver hitch 108 lbs. $1,202
MEY36100 Meyer 400 Spreader, 400 lbs. capacity, standard 2" receiver hitch 140 lbs. $1,519
MEY39100 Meyer 750 Spreader, 750 lbs. capacity, standard 2" receiver hitch 145 lbs. $1,772
Accessories for 240/400/750 Tailgate Spreader
ME34405 Spreader Controller (Standard) 1 lbs. $130
MEA34900 Flow Gate Controller 2 lbs. $64
ME22800 Illuminated Variable Speed Controller 2 lbs. $331
MEY36500 3 pt. Hitch Kit 30 lbs. $349
MEA34300 Course Material Brush Auger Kit 5 lbs. $130
MEA34301 Fine Material Brush Auger Kit 5 lbs. $130
ME15632 Dielectric Grease 1 lbs. $9
MEA34606 Vibrator Kit 240/400 10 lbs. $348
MEA34609 Brake Light Kit 10 lbs. $173
UPDATED 10/11/2018


Meyer Mate Spreaders
The Meyer Mate spreader has a 9 cubic foot capacity and attaches (without tools) in seconds. The Mate comes fully assembled for quick and easy installation to your truck's tailgate and bumper, so there's nothing to drill! The Mate has the option to swing out of the way allowing the owner to access the bed of the truck from the tailgate.

The Meyer Mate spinner shaft can be adjusted to accommodate dry, free flowing #1 rock salt, sand or calcium chloride, and it can even spread seed and other minerals for year-round applications. The Mate is powered by a 1/6-horsepower, 12-volt DC electric motor and has variable in-cab speed controls. A standard vibrator motor is provided for use with sand and damp materials to maximize performance.
 • Optional salt screen is completely removable
 • Built-in flow control auger and agitator
 • 3-Point hitch systems are available for AG and Turf applications
 • Spread widths from 3 to 30 feet
 • Vibrator Standard
Capacity 9.0 Cu. Ft.
Height 41.25"
Weight 140 lbs.
Width 49.5"
Operating System Electric
Spreading Width 3 to 30 ft.
Material Sand, No. 1 Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride
MEY38000 Meyer Mate XL, 9.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity, Std. w/Tailgate Strap for Mounting 216 lbs. $2,405
Accessories for Mate XL Tailgate Spreader
MEY38200 3pt Hitch Kit 97 lbs. $658
ME38250 Motor Guard 16 lbs. $299
ME22800 Spreader Controller 2 lbs. $331
ME15632 Dielectric Grease 1 lbs. $9
UPDATED 10/11/2016


Meyer Blaster Spreaders
The Meyer Blaster Spreader is a poly tailgate spreader available in four models that spread salt or salt & sand. What makes this spreader unique is its 1/2 horsepower direct drive motor, it's the most powerful spreader motor available. The motor's Fast Blast feature can produce up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through chunks of salt or sand. The 750- and 350-pound hoppers are made of extended life polyethylene and are backed by Meyer's exclusive 3 + 5 year ROC Solid Warranty.
Patented Brush Auger Prevents Ice Melt Leakage

Ice melt is expensive, and the problem with most tailgate spreaders is that it leaks out of the hopper when the spreader is not in use. To prevent this money drain from happening, the Blaster 350 and 750 both come standard with a patented brush auger that prevents material leakage. The auger's helix design also promotes a better draw down of material from the hopper.
 • Low maintenance, extended life polyethylene hopper
 • Several mounting options available
 • Spreads free flowing #1 rock salt, 50/50 salt/sand
 • Spread pattern up to 40'
 • Optional removable salt screen
 • Vibrator kit (available option for models 350 & 750 standard on 350S & 750S models)
 • Backed with Meyer's ROC Solid 3 + 5 Year Warranty
 • 1/2 hp direct drive motor w/40 amps; surges to 70 amps when needed
 • Easily grinds through large chunks of salt/sand
 • Watertight connections
 • Stainless steel shaft
 • 9" stainless steel spinner
 • Variable speed for precise material spread pattern
 • "Blast" mode surges for up to 3 seconds to grind through tough chunks of salt or sand and make material flow smoothly and evenly
Model Part # Capacity Material Vehicle Application Mounting Method Warranty Dimensions Weight (Empty) Vibrator Kit
Blaster 350 32000 350 lbs.
5.75 cu. ft.
Salt SUV, Light Truck, 1/2 Ton + 2" receiver (Std.), Cat. 1-3 pt. hitch (opt.), Flatbed utility adapter (opt.) ROC 3/5 Year 35.5H x 49"W x 30"D 120 lbs. Optional
Blaster 750R 33750 750 lbs.
10.75 cu. ft.
Bagged 50/50 Rock Salt 1/2 Ton + Integrated 2" receiver, Hitch (Std) Hinged, Dump, Fixed, Flat Bed (All Optional) ROC 3/5 Year 44.5"H x 53.6"W x 25"D 165 lbs. w/o mount Optional
MEY32000 Blaster 350 w/2" receiver hitch, 350 lb. capacity 175 lbs. $2,405
MEY33750 Blaster 750R w/2" receiver hitch, 750 lbs. capacity 216 lbs. $2,532
Accessories for 350 Series Blaster Spreader
MEY36500 3 pt hitch kit 30 lbs. $349
Accessories for 750 Series Blaster Spreader
MEY35100 Swing Away Mtg 67 lbs. $1,032
MEY35200 Tailgate Mount 41 lbs. $252
Accessories for 350 & 750 Series Blaster Spreaders
MEA34600 Vibrator/Sander Kit 21 lbs. $516
MEA34609 RD Work Light Kit 3 lbs. $173
MEA34610 HD Work Light Kit 3 lbs. $305
MEA34700 2" x 2" Screen Kit 13 lbs. $212
MEA34701 1/2" x 1/2" Screen Kit 4 lbs. $133
MEA34900 Flow Gate Kit 2 lbs. $64
MEA36407 Univ. Motor Guard Kit lbs. $198
UPDATED 10/11/2016

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