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REV 1500 Rotary Cutter
Introducing the REV 1500 rotary cutter from Degelman. The deck is made from a 3/16 inch impact resistant steel formed to create a smooth sloping deck. This curved shape deck is manufactured with continuous welds and without pockets that collect debris. As the cutter operates, debris sheds off. Maintenance is quick, easy and weeds are not transferred from one location to another.
High Impact Resistant Steel
The tougher the steel the tougher the deck. Improved impact resistant steel has three to four times the lifespan of standard grade A36, resists rust and shock loading better. As a result, the cutter lasts longer, endures more punishment and retains a higher resale value.
Maximum Volume Under Deck
Thirteen inches of side depth combined with a smooth underside for cutting and clearing maximum volume of dense growth.
7-1/2" Blade Overlap
For a cleaner cut and to prevent trail-behind, we designed a 7-1/2" blade overlap between the center and wing cutting sections to ensure nothing is left uncut.
Tapered Bolts. Tight Fit
It's an engineering fact that two perfectly-machined conical surfaces will centre to each other (a design the automotive industry uses for tie-rods). We applied this thinking to our nuts and bolts. Tapering centers the nut and the bolt, thus eliminating play and reducing wear.

Square Is Better
Why do all impact and socket wrenches use square adaptors? - Torque.
Again, we go a step further. For easy blade replacement and increased resiliency, we use hardened square bolts. Because of the increased surface area, the square blade bolts have a tighter tolerance and a better contact fit than keyed or hex shaped bolts. This prevents the bolts from spinning and wearing out sooner. Because of this smart design, replacing our bolts is truly a one-person job.
Long Lasting 5" Twist Blades
Heavy-duty 5 inch wide, twist blades are longer lasting and more resistant to bending and breaking.
Over-Sized Gearboxes
Designed with exacting standards for maximum life expectancy. Convenient sight glass to check lubricant level at a glance. Industrial split case design for easy and accurate assembly and gear mesh setting. Highest torque rating for rotary cutter applications worldwide.
North American Made Solid Steel Splined Drive Train
The REV1500 has been improved to incorporate an end to end Weasler engineered drive train. Weasler's heritage is all about quality, safety and precision manufacturing. Solid high tensile steel spline shafts are unrivalled for torque, shock loads and sliding ability. Rotary cutters put tremendous stress on the drive lines. The REV is protected from the wide angle drive shafts to the heat dissipating preset friction torque limiters. The multi-patented 80° ball and socket constant velocity joint distributes loads evenly, retains lubricant, reduces wear and keeps contaminants out. And for safety the patented articulated guard system maintains full coverage with the mating guard bell.
Precision Hitch
Our single bolt clamp hitch is machined and heat-treated from hardened steel to make our hitch superior in quality. Most grease points are designed for easy through-the-head access. Added safety comes into play with our lock up pin connection so one person can do the hook up without worry of hand injury.
Robust Rockshaft
Talk about long life. Our rockshaft is over-sized and overbuilt utilizing an extra-wide boxed strut construction for strength. Add to that our dual lug configuration to prevent torsion stress and you have one serious structure. Unmatched in the industry.

Rugged Knee Action Suspension
For absorbing and reducing impact the rubber we use is top of the line, self-dampening and UV-protected to ensure the longevity and performance of the entire machine. Plus, our active suspension is held in place by a one and-a-quarter-inch Grade 8 grease-accessible hex bolt.
Walking Axle Wheels
Our walking axle wheels are the other half of the equation. They add to the reduction of vibrations by dampening fifty per cent of movement and terrain shock. They stabilize the movement to ensure smooth and even cutting.
Low Maintenance Tapered Bearing
To reduce wear and tear we've implemented low maintenance tapered bearings in both our walking axles and our optional wing guide wheel assemblies.
OnePass Herbicide System
Spary Weeds...Without the Spray
The patented Degelman OnePass system reduces operating costs by mowing and applying herbicide simultaneously. A unique delivery system allows you to apply herbicide in sensitive areas without running the risk of airborne drift or contamination.
Effective Treatment
The treatment is applied without drift or ground soak. Instead,herbicide is delivered from a hermetically sealed fluid reservoir, via centrifugal force, through the blade bolt to the underside of the blade. Less water is used. Less chemical is used. Less risk of drift. More efficient use of time and resources. Independent studiesconclude OnePass treatments are effective control of Canada Thistle, for example and this method of application is dramatically more effective than mowing only or traditional foliar applied applications. Grass is cut and weeds are killed at the source

Practical Solution
Unlike competitors, OnePass’s patented technology can be used on standard Degelman REV cutter gearboxes without compromising drive shaft strength or risk gearbox contamination and failure. OnePass is the only cost effective and practical solution for roadside vegetation management. Period.
Included Components
∙ Steel Enclosure containing the following:
 ∘ 2 Chemical tanks, white poly
 ∘ 1 Chemical injection pump with integrated motor speed controller and calibration tube
 ∘ 3 polypropylene ball valves
 ∘ 3 inline 80 mesh strainers
 ∘ aluminum distribution manifold
 ∘ manual storage box
 ∘ spill kit and emergency shovel
 ∘ Chemwash, freshwater tank, yellow poly with checkvalve protectin to chemical tanks & front spigot valve for quick access

∙ 3 Blade mounts with built in reservoir & distribution channels.
∙ 6 Fluid transfer blade bolts
∙ 6 Cutting blades, 5" wide x 25-1/2" long x 1/2" thick
∙ 3 Dust seal mounts, required for reservior blade mount
∙ 3 Teflon, double lip dust seals
∙ 3 Distribution hoses, with stainless steel gearbox transfer bolts and check valves
∙ 1 Raven SCS4070 control console
∙ 1 Console wiring
∙ 1 Tractor power wiring harness
∙ 1 Mower wiring harness
Dual product tanks allow the user to carry and apply two different products for targeting, and controlling a broader range of vegitation.
Herbicide can be applied to sensitive areas with very low risk of drift or contamination compared to a sprayer or spray truck.
Independent test results show on average that using OnePass is 240% more effective than mowing only and 20% more effective than spraying only.
Perform two operations simultaneously to save time and cut costs by mowing vegetation and applying herbicide at the same time.
Date Collection
Available connections supplied for add-on GPS data logging.
Required ∙      Selection Required ∗      Optional ∘
Base Machine
Includes DOT lights as standard equipment
DE503515 Rev 1000 Main Unit - RH Wing 5,780 lbs. $17,810  
DE503516 Rev 1000 Main Unit - LH Wing 5,780 lbs. $17,810  
DE503500 Rev 1500 Main Unit 5,830 lbs. $21,765  
Gear Box
Selection Required
DE503352 Gear Box - 1000PTO - With Traffic   $8,430  
DE503353 Gear Box - 1000PTO - Against Traffic   $8,430  
DE503335 Gear Box - 1000PTO - With Traffic   $9,230  
DE503336 Gear Box - 1000PTO - Against Traffic   $9,230  
Blade Mounts/Carriers
Selection Required
DE503584 Blade Mounts Rev 1000   $1,435  
DE503586 Blade Mounts Rev 1000 - One Pass ONLY   $4,490  
DE503583 Blade Mounts Rev 1500   $2,130  
DE503585 Blade Mounts Rev 1500 - One Pass ONLY   $7,010  
Wing Axle
Selection Required
DE503430 Single Wheel   $445
(QTY 1)

(QTY 2)
DE503550 Walking Wheel - RH   $1,090
DE503551 Walking Wheel - LH   $1,090
Selection Required
DE500340 Precision Drawbar Clamping Hitch   $390
DE500335 Clevis Hitch   $190
Select all tires including the four tires on the center section
DE131315 Laminated Tires   $135/ea
DE131385 Air Filled Recapped Aricraft Tires   $265/ea
DE131384 Foam Filled Recapped Aricraft Tires   $435/ea
OnePass Herbicide Kit
DE501799 OnePass Herbicide Kit - Rev 1000   $18,970  
DE501800 OnePass Herbicide Kit - Rev 1500   $20,425  
Radar/GPS Kits
Selection Required with OnePass Herbicid Kit
DE501852 OnePass Radar Kit   $720
DE501853 OnePass GPS Kit   $1,540
Sidearm Extension Kit
DE501851 OnePass SideArm Extension   $1,000
Shredder Blade Kit
DE501541 Shredder Blade Kit   $145/ea
Tool Box Kit
DE503436 Tool Box Kit   $330
Safety Lower Chain Cable
DE503433 Chain Cable - 10'   $75  
DE503437 Chain Cable - 15'   $140  
Wing Lift Cylinders
DE503444 Double Acting Cylinder - 10'   $130  
DE503443 Double Acting Cylinder - 15'   $275  
Guide Wheel
DE503566 Bolt-on Guide Wheel (LH)   $1,160
DE503565 Bolt-on Guide Wheel (RH)   $1,160
DE503495 Factory Setup   Included
UPDATED 2/25/2020

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