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Hydraulic Wire Winders
3 Pt. Wire Winders

(Shown Above with Optional Guide Arm)
•  Designed for smooth or barbed wire
•  Category 2 Standard, Category 1 & 3 available upon request
•  Removeable reel that splits to unload wire
•  Holds 1/2 mile barbed or 1 mile smooth wire
•  Replaceable poly impregnated polyethylene bushings on shaft to prevent wear
•  Hand spun steel cone splitting reel, designed with safety in mind
•  The hydraulic design allows you to start slow, speed up or slow down. No more jerking and breaking wire, etc.
•  Simple to use: Just park tractor in one spot, tie a weight on the end of the wire and begin pulling toward you
•  When the reel is full, tie the roll with 3 tie wires used on 3 different positions of the reel. The split the reel and take the tied roll of wire off the reel
Solid Reel
•  This reel has a 4" center tube
•  We also offer an 8" center tube for high tensile wire
•  This can be added to any hydraulic wire winder
•  Design leaves wire on reel
Optional Unroller Arm
•  Optional arm designed for unrolling new rolls of wire
•  This can be added to any hydraulic wire winder
•  Removeable reel that splits to unload wire
•  Easily adapted to ATV's, Pickups, etc.
Magnum Series Wire Winder
•  Roll multiple strands with our all new 3 Point Magnum Series Wire Winder
•  Designed to pull 1 to 4 strands at once
•  Category 2 Standard, Category 3 available upon request
•  Excellent for those big cleanup jobs where saving the wire is not important
•  The Magnum Series also works fine for a single strand of barbed or smooth wire. It works exactly like our original Wire Winder
•  Holds 1 mile barbed or 2 miles smooth wire
Universal Mount
•  This unit can be used in many applicatications: on skid steers, loader buckets, or bale mover pickups
•  Can be mounted anywhere you have hydraulics
•  Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 3/8" Mounting Plate
•  1/2" Mounting Holes in corners for mounting
•  Unit comes complete with reel, hoses, valve, shaft, lovejoy couplers, and motor (not shown)
•  This unit functions exactly the same as our 3-point model. The only difference is the mount shown above
Optional Guide Arm
The 3 point mount, category 2 hydraulic wire winder is shown above with optional guide arm.
Bale Bed Arm Winder
Please fill out information below. This information is needed in order to manufacture your Bale Bed Wire Winder. Our hydraulic wire winder will sleeve over your bale bend arm so it is very important to give us these measurements of arm we are mounting on.
PTMSWW Category II, Magnum Series Wire Roller - 1 Mile Barbed Wire
Complete w/ 1 split spool
PTHWW Category II, Hydraulic Wire Winder - 1/2 mile barbed wire capacity
Complete w/ 1 split spool
PTSSWW Universal Standard Hyd. Wire Roller - 1/2 mile barbed wire (No Optional Arm Available)
Complete w/ 1 split spool
PTSSMSWW Universal Magnum Hyd. Wire Roller - 1 mile barbed wire
Complete w/ 1 split spool
PTBBWW Hydraulic Wire Winder for Bale Beds
Complete w/ 1 split spool
PTOA Optional Unroller Arm (Only for Cat. II Std. Wire Winder, Will NOT fit Universal) $185
PTWG123 Optional Guide Arm $169
PT-SO Extra Solid Reel, 4" Center (N/A for Magnum) $100
PT-SOR Extra Solid Reel, 8" Center (N/A for Magnum) $110
PT-SP Extra Split Reel For Standard Unit $225
PT-MSP Extra Split Reel For Magnum Unit $269
UPDATED 12/6/2018
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