Degelman Warranty Registration 

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Degelman Product Warranty Registration

Warranty Policy / Periods

Non-Commercial Use – 2 Years From Date Of Purchase  Commercial Use – 1 Year From Date Of Purchase a. The first 12 months (one year) are warranted for parts and labour starting from the date of delivery to customer. Some exemptions apply (See Below). b. The following 12 months (second year) are warranted only for parts. Some exemptions apply (See Below). o Product must be on record as delivered to the customer, otherwise, the date of shipment will be considered as the initial date of sale. o Reasonable troubleshooting and labour hours will be paid against documented claims subject to dealers posted shop rate per hour. o Warranty parts will initially be charged to the dealer. o Upon receipt of the warranty claim form, the claim will be reviewed and if warranty is accepted a credit note will be raised for the cost and freight of the supplied parts. NOTE:

  • Parts installed under product warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original product warranty.
  • Rental/commercial use machines are subject to 6 month warranted parts and labour, with a following 6 months of warranted parts only.

Items Exempt From Degelman 2 Year Warranty Policy

1. Products are warranted for the first 12 months (first year) for parts and labour from initial date of delivery to customer. Exemptions are as follows for damages resulting from: o Abuse o Negligence o Accidents o Alterations or use of any accessory or attachment not approved by Degelman o Items such as bulbs, cutting edges, discs, mower blades and other wearable items 2. Product is further warranted for the following 12 months (second year) for parts only from initial date of delivery to customer. Exemptions include the aforementioned incidences and damages resulting from the following: o Bearings o PTO Drive Shafts

Tire Warranty

Degelman does not cover tires under warranty. Each type of tire is warranted separately through their respective manufacturer. It is the dealer’s responsibility to go through a tire dealer to obtain warranty for a malfunctioned tire. The credit given for a tire warranty from the tire manufacturer is of no influence or fault of Degelman Industries LP, regardless of full or partial credit. To ensure life of tires emphasize to the customer and driver the precautions and proper procedures to take when transporting their product, as that is the time with the highest rate of incidences involving tires and rims. All transport requirements are found in each product’s respective manual.

Items Not Covered Under Warranty

Cost of additional travel time, kilometres (miles) expense and technician expenses or allowances incurred while performing warranty repairs. o Normal maintenance services and parts such as tightening of bolts, nuts and fittings or normal machine adjustments. o Charges for incidental or consequential damage, delay, any economic or commercial loss associated with machine defects. o Damage or failure caused by improper application and service, misuse, negligence, inadequate storage, accident, abuse or use not in accordance with published operating and maintenance procedures. o Labor expenses by repair centres other than those authorized by Degelman Industries LP. o Failures resulting from previous installation of non-genuine Degelman replacement parts. o Costs of unauthorized modification. o Repair costs resulting from improper diagnosis or service work previously performed. o Parts not acknowledged by Degelman to be defective in material and/or workmanship. o Transport costs to deliver a machine to and from the customer’s location for warranty repairs. o Any other associated costs considered to be non-warranty related or dealer customer responsibility. Such as consumables (oil, fuel, etc.) and shop supplies.