• 1940

    Beaver Valley Origin

    Beaver Valley Supply Co., Inc. was originally known as Beaver Valley Feed & Seed Co. The company was originally started in the early 1940's by Joseph F. Vap from Atwood, KS. It was originally a feed & seed business serving the local area. Joseph's son Melvin Vap & Frank Chvatal began working for the company in 1949 while attending high school. In 1952 Melvin & Frank began working full time for Beaver Valley Feed & Seed Co.

  • 1956

    Merging To A Distribution Company

    In 1956 the company began actively distributing farm equipment to a dealer network. Frank & Melvin worked at developing a dealer network, making sales calls, & delivering products to dealers.

  • 1970

    Beaver Valley Supply Co., Inc.

    The company continued to grow and was incorporated January 5th, 1970 under its present name Beaver Valley Supply Co., Inc. In 1971, Frank Chvatal & Melvin Vap purchased the company from Joseph Vap.

  • 1974

    Beaver Valley Expansion

    In 1974 the business moved from it's original location in downtown Atwood to it's present location east of Atwood on Highway 36. Beaver Valley expanded their facilities which enhanced the growth of the company moving forward. Following the sudden death of his partner Melvin Vap in 1983, Frank & Theresa Chvatal purchased Melvin's interest & became sole owner's of the bisuness. The company continued to expand it's operations & dealer network in the trade areas authorized by it's manufacturers & suppliers.

  • 1986

    Family Bisuness

    Frank & Theresa's children became involved in the business full time in 1986 when their oldest son Scott joined the business. Mike & Mitch both joined the business in 1989 & Karen in 1992. They have become an integral part of the business and have contributed greatly to it's continued success.

  • 1990

    Beaver Valley Supply - Denver, CO

    In the early 90's Frank, Theresa, & their kids added an additional warehouse location in Denver, CO. Mitch started managing this location & still does today.

  • 2006

    Beaver Valley Supply Denver Expansion

    In 2006, Beaver Valley - Denver moved from it's original location to it's present location. This move expanded their facilities & promoted more growth moving forward.

  • 2022

    Beaver Valley Supply Atwood Today

    Beaver Valley has continued to grow & expand it's distributorship network in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, & Idaho. The company operates it's own freight service to over 1,000 dealers.